Book Trailer Review: Divergent

This week my book trailer review is going to be a bit different in that this time I've already read the book. I reviewed Veronica Roth's DIVERGENT a few weeks ago and this time I'm looking at its book trailer.

The Blurb: In a future Chicago, 16-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomaly who does not fit into any one group, and that the society she lives in is not perfect after all.

My Opinion: It's immediately evident that this trailer has a much higher production value than most of the others I've seen. Hardly surprising when a book has this much hype around the release. I love the artwork and, having read the book, I instantly know what each image means. The only issue I have is they remind me of the Mockingjay symbol, although the version on the book cover not so much. When dystopians seem to be a dime a dozen these days, it feels like this is just another way to cash in on another title's success. I loved the music. The urgency really pulled me on and made me want to read each new piece of information. 

The Result: I loved it. Had I not already read the book I would be rushing to pick it up. I love that they highlighted that it was her decision that shapes the path of the book, not an event that was thrust upon her. I also like that the stakes are pointed out from the first. The fact that it looked incredibly professional is also a bonus, many times I've been put off titles simply because the video doesn't do the story justice.

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